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Contemporary living in style

The construction of 'De Ananas' in Leiden has started. Nearly 400 apartments are divided over 18 floors at the former auction site on the Lammenschansweg in Leiden.

People living in De Ananas will realise very quickly that they have chosen a fantastic place to live, on the edge of the vibrant town of Leiden and with space for relaxation around the corner. Living in De Ananas is contemporary living in style. This is shown in every detail. In the architecture. In the finishing standard. In the quality of the immediate surrounding area.

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Leiden Park


The Beach


Leiden City




The Hague City


Amsterdam City


De Ananas will be situated on the southeast edge of Leiden. It only takes five minutes to cycle to the vibrant and historic city centre of Leiden where you'll find everything you need to enjoy city life. At the same time, you find yourself living in a beautiful park at just a three-minute drive. You can also visit the beach in Katwijk or go on a cycling tour around the Groene Hart area.

Why 'De Ananas'?

De Ananas, meaning ‘pineapple’, is an extraordinary name, to say the least. But it was chosen for good reason as the 'Ananas' is widely known as a symbol of hospitality. 

It finds its origins in the Caribbean, where people put a pineapple in front of their homes to welcome guests. During colonial times, the pineapple found its way to the western world, where stone versions of this tropical fruit were added to adorn country manors. They had the same purpose: to welcome guests. And this concept fits the town of Leiden perfectly. Leiden is a town where many nationalities live and work side by side. Where an international community gives Leiden its renown as a city of knowledge and innovation. Where people learn from each other and cultures are enhanced.


A few minutes cycling from De Ananas takes you to Polderpark Cronesteyn, great for walking or running. It also has a petting zoo, a café, a playground, and an apiary of the beekeepers association. It's a beautiful area for relaxation or sports activities.


De Ananas in Leiden is very centrally located within the Randstad region. Cities such as The Hague and Amsterdam, but also Utrecht, are easy to reach, either by car or by public transport. Schiphol Airport is just thirty minutes away.

Public transport

Living in De Ananas means that you basically do not need a car. There is a train station nearby which is one stop from Leiden Central Station. In addition, there are several bus stops nearby and, of course, your bicycle can take you wherever you want to go.

Welcome to De Ananas

We will make sure that all future residents of De Ananas feel that they are welcome. With this project, De Raad is not building owner-occupied houses that hardly anybody can afford, but rental apartments of excellent quality. You will not be burdened by a mortgage, which means that you can leave whenever you need to, for example, when you work in Leiden temporarily.

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